It's been fun! But it's time to move on.

BlendEd was a grassroots effort to serve the diverse needs of instructional designers, program managers, educators, and learners – a transformative platform that makes developing digital education and blending learning experiences easy and accessible.

What did we set out
to do?

Why didn't it work?

We set out to help educators take control of their course development by offering an easy, interactive, and intuitive course-building experience.

Ultimately, we solved a problem that was important during the worst parts of the pandemic, but didn't really exist outside of that state of emergency. We're grateful to the clients that trusted us with their course building workflows and we hope that their work continues to transform learning.

Where did we go?

BlendEd is now Thru, we're building an mobile-first job readiness platform for young adults seeking zero-debt careers, starting with careers in the construction industry. Come check us out!