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BlendEd empowers you to design, organize, personalize, and create engaging course syllabi.

Use BlendEd like it is your second nature! You are guided every step of the way.
No glitches, no bugs, and super easy to build your syllabi.
Flexible and Dynamic
Always improving, helpful new features, and fit for use by techies of all kinds.
Accessible on Any Device
Whether your phone, tablet, or laptop - BlendEd syllabi work well on every device!
Central Syllabus Repository
Centrally access, store, and archive your class syllabi.

Transform your classes

Gone are the days when course building was a hassle! BlendEd is a transformative digital learning platform that builds your course in just a few clicks.


Makes Teaching Easier

  • Generate your course plan template in seconds.
  • Copy content from your existing syllabus in minutes.
  • Easily access current and archived courses in only a few clicks.
  • Helps learners from all backgrounds navigate the platform effortlessly.
  • A perfect partner for your school-mandated LMS!

    Educators, take the stress away from

    Plan My First Week

    A platform for all educators and learners!

    BlendEd is the next leader in course building technology offering equity and personalizing learning. Here is how BlendEd can create engaging, student-centric learning experiences:

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    STEP 1

    Input your course days & dates, and generate a course outline in seconds!

    STEP 2

    Go to your personalized dashboard and start building your week-by-week course plan.

    STEP 3

    Add learning objectives, activities, files, and anything else your
    students will need to learn the material.

    STEP 4

    Amp up your classes by adding supporting videos, books, and open-ed resources.

    STEP 5

    Voila! Share this BlendEd course with learners and watch them ace your class.

    BlendEd is Co-Designed by Educators!

    We’ve worked with a fantastic community of educators, mentors, and promoters who want to ensure the learning experiences you build with BlendEd are the absolute best they can be. Give it a try today!

    Plan My First Week

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