Make your online courses better!

Designing courses shouldn’t be a complicated or time-consuming task. Unfortunately, most instructional designers and educators face exactly that! Many spend hours upon hours creating a plan, only to find that half of the things they want todo aren’t even possible.

Not with BlendEd.

We remove the hassle from course building, empowering you to focus your creative energy on what needs to be included in the course—rather than spending time behind the scenes.

Saves You Time & Effort!

BlendEd’s all-in-one design and course building platform allows you to organize important content and documents related to your syllabi in one place.

Arrange your files the way you want and manage them together – your students will be able to access all the essential links in one place.


Your Course Is a Click Away!

No more GoogleDocs, email updates, and Microsoft Word documents. With BlendEd, all your course content is just a click away. Start by creating a course map, collaborate with the stakeholders, track the progress, and move on to designing your course syllabus!

Fill in your syllabus, upload your documents, and publish the course. Then, just share the link with students – that’s all there is to it! All the resources they need will be available via a single link!

Get More Done With
Less Work!

With our pre-built course map, project tracker, blueprints and module-based content system, all you must do is input your data, and the course will be built for you.

Everything you need to inform your students about the course is already within our platform. So, get more done in less time!


Store & Protect Your Files

Do you want to keep some additional documents and files handy for your students? Or, you have graded documents that are yet to be released, and you don’t want your students to see them?

BlendEd not only gives you a file storage option, you can also password protect the files –so, only authorized users will be able to see them!

Better Learning Experience!

BlendEd is a grassroots effort designed to take the hassle out of course building; a platform for the digital generation, aimed at making the learning experience easier and faster.

We do that by offering easy import and export options to your institution or state-mandatedLMS. The student-friendly platform is built to cater to diverse audiences. It is easy to use and accessible via mobile devices.


Get Some Extra Help

The internet is full of resources, and we know you want to make the best ones available to your students. This is why BlendEd also provides the ability to search YouTube and OER, so you can make the learning experience as effective as possible for your students.

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