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BlendEd empowers educators to design, organize, personalize, and create engaging courses.

Using BlendEd is like second nature! You are guided every step of the way.
Build a course map & syllabus for personalized learning in minutes.
Single-Click LMS Integration
No need to rebuild in your LMS, BlendEd builds your course for you.
Course Planning
Take help from tools designers & instructors need to practice backward design-based course development.
Project Management
A complete task management solution for your course plan and the stakeholders involved in the project.
Syllabus Management
Centrally access, store, and archive your class syllabi. Quickly upload existing documents.

Transform your classes

Gone are the days when course building was a hassle! BlendEd is a transformative digital learning platform that helps you design a course map, track your progress, and builds your course in just a few clicks.


Makes Course Development Easier

  • Build a course map and generate your course plan template in seconds.
  • Copy content from your existing syllabus in minutes.
  • Easily access current and archived courses in only a few clicks & track the key stakeholders involved.
  • Helps learners from all backgrounds navigate the platform effortlessly.
  • A perfect partner for your school-mandated LMS!

    Take the stress away from course-building!

    A platform for all educators and learners!

    BlendEd is the future of course-building technology, offering equity and personalized learning. Here is how BlendEd can create engaging, student-centric learning experiences:

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    STEP 1

    Create Course Learning Objectives

    STEP 2

    Plan individual modules aligned to the course objectives

    STEP 3

    Develop assessments aligned to the module objectives.

    STEP 4

    Source or develop learning activities for students based on the assessments and objectives.

    STEP 5

    Do it all on a single platform & publish the course to your existing LMS in a single click using one of our QM-Aligned templates.

    BlendEd is Co-Designed by Educators!

    We’ve worked with a fantastic community of educators, mentors, and instructional designers to ensure that the learning experiences you build with BlendEd are the absolute best they can be. Give it a try today!

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