It's in the Syllabus!

December 2021
David Boone
13 MIN

How to Make your Course Syllabus Better for Your Students

Creating your upcoming course syllabus should be more than just another item to check off your to-do list. Even if your course remains the same as last semester, you can always invest a bit of time optimizing your descriptors. The tips below will help you transform generic bullet point syllabus lists into detailed tools that get students excited to enroll in your class.

The Difference Is in the Details

Every syllabus must answer FAQs, class policies, prerequisites, and the essential course information each student needs to make informed decisions. However, students have many courses to choose from, so share details beyond the essentials.

Here are a few examples:

Share Your Enthusiasm

Think of your syllabus as your first impression. Students expect you to be an expert, so avoid the temptation to oversell your experience and accolades. Instead, focus on your enthusiasm.

Your passion as a professor isn’t conveyed in a bullet point syllabus. Neither is why students should select your course or what it is that makes your teaching style unique.

Many students are actively seeking professors who:

By adding a conversational paragraph or two to your course description, you better connect and engage with prospective students. A simple paragraph or two can win students over so that they are choosing you, not just the course or credit requirements.

Set the Tone and Establish Your Expectations

A bullet point syllabus is informative and fact-based, but it doesn’t set much of a tone. You want your students to be eager and enthusiastic, but you also want to set your expectations.

Infuse your personality in each sentence you write, even when writing something as formal as your classroom policies. Speak to your students directly, authentically, and as if they are there with you in person.

How BlendEd Can Supercharge Your Syllabus

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